Pressure Challenge

Life is full of ups and downs. Some days are better than others. On the tougher days, we may feel large amounts of pressure. Pressure to meet deadlines. Pressure to make difficult decisions. Pressure to just “get better.” Regardless of what pressures we face, what matters is how we choose to deal with them.

The decision is really up to us. We can cave to the pressure or we can welcome the pressure.

Yes, you read that right. Think back on difficult times in your life where you couldn’t see a way out. You made it right? It is often during those times (the process) that we experience growth.

Let’s look at two of the most beautiful gems in the world: diamonds and pearls. They both go through a process to become the beautiful pieces of jewelry that ladies love to wear.

In order for a diamond to be formed, it has to endure a tremendous amount of heat and pressure.

When an oyster shell is irritated or damaged, it produces a pearl. What would happen if we made an effort to face our issues like the diamond or the pearl producing oyster shell? We could share our testimony with others. Or encourage and help those going through similar struggles.

My challenge to you is to dig deep when you are up against pressure. You’ll never know what beautiful thing is waiting on the other side.


4 replies on “Pressure Challenge”

This post reminds me that our perception shapes our reality. Therefore, I respect your words of “We can cave to the pressure or we can welcome the pressure.”

We must work at creating diamonds from the problems in our lives. And to pray for an easy life is really to live no life at all. Instead, pray for the strength to endure. As you stated, “You’ll never know what beautiful thing is waiting on the other side.” We just have to dig deep(er) for the treasure within.

So many wise words are in this post. Again, thanks for sharing your thoughts 💯


Hello there Moni,
You know how proud I am, of the pearl-encrusted Diamond that you’ve become. Knowing of the pressures of life endured, that with the grace of God throughout; the result had to be something genuinely unique. Continue your focus and direction, in hopes of being an encouraging inspiration to others.

Luv Always 💓

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