The Beauty Within

Regardless of what chronic illness you deal with or how long you’ve dealt with it, there are times when it gets really tough. The symptoms can often feel as though they will never end which can leave you feeling discouraged. If it’s not one thing, it’s another.

As a person battling Lupus, I have had my share of issues. Many of them have been with me since early on in my diagnosis but just as I start to get familiar with those, Lupus brings along yet another surprise.

CHANGE. This is a huge part of living with this illness. Learning to embrace the various changes isn’t easy. Not only do you have the ones occurring internally, but externally as well. The ones people CAN see.

Your skin is changing. Where did these rashes and bruises come from?

You’re having dental issues.

You’re losing hair.

You have nose or mouth sores.

You constantly drop things or have trouble with your joints.

These changes can truly be life altering! So much so that they can make you forget about who you are. You see, these new normals are not representative of your goodness, integrity, courage, honesty, or authenticity. (Your true beauty)

They don’t change what lies within.